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CALSTAR trade mark is named after CALSTAR ASSOCIATES COMPANY established in 1984 in the US CAL stands for California and STAR means outstanding popularity So CALSTAR together means California Star Since 1995 Calstar Kuanbao an entrepreneurial team was set up to develop environmental protection equipment Also to distribute solvent recovery equipment from other countries In 2001 SHENZHEN KUANBAO ENVIRONMENTAL EQUIPMENT CO LTD was established in China specializing in developing selling CALSTAR solvent recovery machines After two years in 2003 TAIWAN KUANBAO ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY was set up In the meantime patents and trade mark of solvent recovery equipment is accomplished...

Categories and Products

Solvent Recovery Machine

Explosion Proof Solvent Recovery Machine

Waste solvent recovery distillation plant direct sales Organic solvent recovery machine sales New Solvent Recycling Equipment direct sales Dirty xylene solvent distillation machine insudtrial distiller in application of automobile washing Alcohol Solvent Recovery Equipment 125L Solvent Distillation Equipment Cleaning agent solvent recovery machine sales price Machine anti explosion solvent recovery equipment promotion Intelligent explosion-proof solvent distillation machine Solvent recovery machines and printing Solvent Recovery Machine and Footwear Solvent Recovery Machine and Sport Helmet Solvent Distillation System and Paint Solvent Recovery Systems and Ink Solvent Recovery Machine and electronic products Solvent Recovery Machine and Metal Cleaner Solvent Recovery Systems by Metal Cleaner Machine anti explosion solvent recovery unit Solvent Recycling Machines (125L) Solvent Recycling Machine(125L) 

Full Automatic Solvent Recovery Machine

425 Liters Solvent Recovery Machine Large stainless steel solvent recovery equipment 24 hour work fully automatic solvent recovery machine Intelligent Solvent Recovery Machine Low Price Solvent Recovery Machine Automatic Work Intelligent solvent recovery machine integrated machine Solvent recovery machine independent research Detergent Solvent Recovery Machine New Solvent recovery machine automatic work Intelligent solvent recovery machine in Houston Automatic Solvent Recovery Machine in New York 40L Intelligent solvent recovery machine Solvent recovery system brand Detergent Solvent Recovery Equipment New Freon 113 recycling Equipment Full Automatic Dichlorethane Recycling Equipment New Dichlorethane Recycling Machine 60L Solvent Recycling Machine Full Automatic Solvent Distillation System Automatic solvent recovery machine (40L) 

Air Cooled Solvent Recovery Machine

Intelligent automatic solvent recovery equipment wholesale Xylene Solvent Recovery Machine Automatic Cutting Knife Solvent Distillation Equipment Numerical Control High-End Solvent Recovery Machine Special Solvent Recovery Machine for Shoe Making MEK solvent Recycling machine MEK Solvent Distillation Equipment in Ottawa 200L Solvent recycling machine for sale Solvent Recovery Machine and Metal Solvent Recovery Machine with Motorcycle Solvent Recovery Machine with Car Bumper Solvent Recovery Machine and Audio Products Solvent recovery machine and electric products Solvent Recovery Machine and PCB 60L Solvent Recovery Machine with Glasses Solvent Recovery Machine with Glasses Solvent Reclaimer and Printing Solvent Recovery Machine and Adhesive Tape Solvent recovery machine and precision casting Solvent Recovery Machine and Chemical Experiment 

Water Cooled Solvent Recovery Machine

Solvent recovery system in Washington Silent Type Explosion-proof Solvent Recovery Apparatus Explosion-proof Automatic Solvent Recovery Equipment High quality chemical solvent recovery equipment Large environmental protection solvent recovery equipment Intelligent Explosion-proof Solvent Recovery Machine 40L Water Cooling Solvent Distillation Machine 60L Water Cooling Solvent Recovery Machine Large water cooling solvent recovery machine Petroleum ether​ Solvent Recycling Machine Parts Washer Solvent Recycling Machine Paint Thinner Recycling Machine Water Cooled Solvent Recycling Systems Hazardous Waste Treatment Machines 40L Solvent distillation apparatus Calstar solvent recovery apparatus Solvent Recovery System 60 LTR Petroleum ether Solvent Recycling Unit Solvent Recovery Process in Pharma B90Ex Solvent Recycling Apparatus 

Freon Solvent Recovery Machine

Solvent Recovery Equipment for Automobile Industry Acetone Solvent Recovery Systems Alcohol Solvent Recycling Systems Printing Industry Industry Solvent disposal Ink and Printing Industry Solutions Car Painting Waste Solvent Solution Military Manufacturing Waste Solvent Recovery Machine Lacquer Thinner Recovery Equipment Acetone recovery machine in Boston Solvent Recycling Machine in Dover Propylene Oxide Recycling Machine Ethyl Acetate Recycling Machine Industrial Vacuum Distillation Machine Cyclohexane Recovery Equipment in Buriram Spent Acetone Recovery Machine Large Spent Acetone Recovery Machine Waste Butyl Acetate Recycling Machine Small Butyl Acetate Recycling Machine Solvent Recovery Systems of Design Xylene Solvent Reusing Equipment 

Low Boiling Point Solvent Recovery Machine

Close the casting MEK solvent solution Auto solvent Recovery Machine Waste Chemical Solvent Recycling Equipment Solvent Recovery in Pharma Industry Solvent recovery machine and FRP products Solvent Recycler with Ceramic Capacitors Solvent recovery machine and wall screen Acetone Solvent recycler recycling systems solvent distillation equipment With a Pen Solvent Recovery Machine and Golf Metal Cleaner Recovery Systems MEK solvent Recycling system Xylene distillation unit Special solvent Recycling machine for Footwear industry Acetone Solvent Recycling Machine Factory Direct Sales Colorful display temperature solvent reclaimer A10Ex CNC Solvent Recycling Machine Toluene recovery system Automatic Solvent Disposal Equipment Solvent Distillation Unit with 125L 

Small Capacity Solvent Recovery Machine

CNC A10Ex Solvent Recycling Machine Factory sales of high-end solvent recovery machine Explosion Proof Solvent Recycling machines High end Solvent Recycling Machine brand Hydrocarbon cleaner recycling equipment Colorful display temperature solvent recovery machine A10Ex Solvent Recycling Machine Production of LED acetone recovered solvents machine Methylene Chloride Recycling Unit Small-scale Solvent Recycling Machine Production of LED recovered solvents machine A10Ex Calstar Thinner recycling machine Solvent Recovery System in Lome Paint Distilling Equipment in Stockholm Paint Distilling Equipment in Helsinki Solvent Recycling Machine in Geneva Solvent Recycling Machine with 10 Ltr Solvent Recycling Machine with 20 ltr The Trichloroethylene Distillation Equipment High-end Solvent Recycling System in Bogota 

Large Capacity Solvent Recovery Machine

Paint Thinner Recycling machine Perchlorethylene Recycling machine Solvent Recovery Machine and Cars Solvent Recovery Machine and Electronics Solvent Recycling Machine and Pharmaceutical Solvent Recovery Machine and Cleaning Solvent Recovery Machine and LED Products Solvent Recovery Machine in Ink Solvent Recovery Machine in Paint Solvent Distillation Systems and Paint Solvent Recovery Machine and Sports Equipment Solvent Recovery Machine and PU Manufacturing Solvent Recovery Machine for the Yacht Solvent Recovery Machine and Plastic Products Solvent Recovery Machine and IC Manufacturing Solvent recovery machine in Paso Dichloromethane Recycling Machine in Long Xuyen Hydrocarbon Solvent Recovery Equipment Automatic Tetrahydrofuran Recovery Machine Methyl Acetate distillation Machine 

Auxiliary Devices

Vacuum Pressure Reducing Device

Solvent Recovery Vacuum Pressure Reducing Device Auxiliary matching device for solvent recovery machine Solvent recovery pressure reducing device Vacuum pressure reduction and recovery device Recovery system pressure reducing device Solvent recovery auxiliary equipment Auxiliary equipment of Calstar solvent recovery machine Solvent recovery machine acceleration device Large vacuum relief auxiliary device Vacuum pressure reducing device without odor recovery Vacuum and Vacuum Equipment Vacuum Decompression Solvent Recovery Equipment Solvent Recovery Unit Vacuum Device Vacuum Assist System V125 Solvent Recovery Machine Acceleration Device Vacuum Pressure Reducing Device in Detroit Vacuum relief auxiliary device V60 Calstar Vacuum pressure reducing device Vacuum pressure reduction equipment Vacuum Pressure Reducing Device in San Francisco 

Automatic Feeding Device

Automatic feeding device Solvent automatic conveying device Automatic feeding device for solvent recovery machine JL60 Automatic Feeding Equipment Calstar Solvent Automatic Conveying Device Automatic Feeding Device 60L Automatic Feeding Unit in Indianapolis Automatic Feeding Device for Calstar Solvent recovery machine feed system Automatic Feeding Device for solvent recovery Automatic Feeding Device in Seoul Automatic Feeding Device in Rangoon Solvent Disposal Automatic Feeding Device Calstar Automatic Feeding Unit Clatar JL60 Automatic Feeding Device Automatic Feeding Device in Bangkok Automatic Feeding Device for Solvent Machine New Automatic Feeding Device High Quality Automatic feeding system Automatic Feeding Device in Kuala Lumpur 

Vacuum Condensing Unit

Vacuum condensing unit Calstar Vacuum Condensing Equipment Calstar ​Vacuum Condensing Equipment F60 Calstar Stainless Steel Condenser Calstar Vacuum Condenser in Tokyo Vacuum Condenser in Osaka Condenser for Solvent Recycling Machine Calstar Vacuum condensing equipment in Baghdad Vacuum Condensing Equipment in Riyadh Solvent Recovery Condensing Equipment F60 Vacuum Condensing machine Stainless Steel Condenser in Manama Vacuum Condenser Sales Promotion Vacuum Condensing Equipment for solvent reclaimer Vacuum Condensing Unit with Acetone recovery system Vacuum Condenser for solvent distiller Vacuum Condenser/Vacuum Evaporator Vacuum Condensing Equipment in Doha Vacuum Condensing System in Abu Dhabi Solvent Waste Disposal Vacuum Condenser 

Solvent Recovery Bag

Solvent recovery bag FM Centrifuge Separator L-82 Centrifuge Separator Machine Calstar Solvent Recovery Bag High temperature resistance bags New High temperature resistance bags High Temperature Resistance Solvent Recovery bags High Temperature Resistance Pocket Calstar High Temperature Recovery Bag Calstar Solvent Recovery Bags Solvent Recycling Bags and Distillation Bags Solvent Machine Liner Bags Solvent Distillation Recycling of Bag Centrifugal oil cleaning machines Centrifugal Antirust Oil cleaning apparatus Centrifugal oil cleaning apparatus in Vienna Solvent recovery special plastic bag Industrial Oil Water Separator System Antirust Oil cleaning machine Centrifugal oil cleaning apparatus in Panama 

Heat Transfer Oil

Heat-Transfer Oil for Xylene Solvent Recovery Machine Special Oil for Solvent Recovery Machine Heat-Transfer Oil for Solvent Recovery Machine Heat-Transfer Oil for Calstar Solvent Recovery Machine Centrifugal oil cleaning apparatus Heat Transfer Fluid oil Cutting Oil Centrifuge Separator Solvent recovery machine special oil Heat-Transfer Oil for Solvent Recovering Machine Oil for Hydrocarbon Distillation Recycling Machine Hydrocarbon Recovery Machine Special Oil Centrifugal oil cleaning apparatus in Liverpool Butanone Recovery Equipment Special Oil Centrifugal Hydraulic Oil cleaning Machine Trichloroethylene Recovery Equipment Special Oil Antirust Oil Centrifuge Separator Solvent Reusing Equipment Heat-Transfer Oil Propylene Oxide Recovery Machine Special Oil Tetrahydrofuran Recovery Equipment Special Oil Ethyl Acetate Recovery Machine Special Oil 

Industry Application Recovery Machine

Electronics industry Solvent Recovery Machine

Hydrocarbon Cleaning Agent Full Automatic Large Capacity Alcohol Recovery Equipment Laboratory dedicated small waste solvent recovery machine Noise free solvent recovery machine Hazardous Waste Treatment Facilities Stoddard Solvent Recycling Machine 30L Cyclohexane Recovery System Intelligent explosion-proof solvent distillation systems Solvent Recycling Machine in Los Angeles Water Cooling Solvent Recovery Machine Green Solvent Chemical Distillation Thinner Recovery Equipments 100 Ltr 25L Painting Thinner Solvent Disposal Machine Butyl Acetate Recycling Machine Butanone Recovery Equipment Solvent Recovery Machine in Chanthaburi Lacquer Thinner Recycler Machine Cleaning Solvent Recycling Machine Spent Cyclohexane Recovery Equipment Customized Butanone Recycling Machine 

Automobile Industry Solvent Recovery Machine

Paint Thinners Recycling Machine New Alcohol Recovery Equipment Thinner Solvent Recycling Machine Propyl bromide solvent recovery unit Supply Calstar Acetone Recycling Machine Solvent Recovery Machine for Painting Workshop Solvent Recycling Machine in Lima Acetone Recovery System in Asuncion Methyl chloride Recovery System in Brasilia Alcohol Recovery Equipment in Boston Solvent Recycling Machine in Denver Two Chlorobenzene Recovery Equipment Alcohol Recovery System in Hai Duang Ether Recycling Machine in Hai Phong Intelligent Thinner Recovery Equipment Hydrocarbon Solvent Distillation Equipment Spent Ether Recovery System Propyl Bromide Solvent Distillation Unit Tetrahydrofuran distillation Machine Price Propylene Oxide distillation Machine 

Precision Instrument Solvent Recovery Machine

Solvent Recycling Machine for automobile Solvent Recycling machine for automobile repair Solvent recovery machine for electronic products Precision instrument Solvent Recycling Machine Solvent Thinner Recycling Machine Leather making solvent recovery machine Chemical solvent recovery machine Solvent recovery machine for printing industry Solvent Recycling machine for optical product Special solvent Recycling machine for furniture Cyclohexane solvent recovery machine Instrument industry Solvent Recycling Machine Liquid crystal screen solvent recovery machine Methyl chloride recovery system High end Solvent Recycling System Small Solvent Recycling Machine for automobile Solvent Recycling machine in New York mixture organic solvent distiallation unit solvent Recycling machine in Chicago Automatic Ethyl Acetate Recycling Machine 

Plastic Products Solvent Recovery Machine

Solvent recovery machine for sports equipment Shoe solvent recovery machine Solvent recovery machine for plastic products Solvent recovery machine for paint Device Paint Solvent Recovery Machine Solvent recovery machine for FRP industry Paint thinner disposal solvent recovery system A90Ex Acetone recovery machine Painting thinner recycling machine Thinner recovery machine for chemical plant Solvent Recovery for Paint and Paint Gun Cleaning 225 LTR Solvent Recovery Machine Aerospace Coatings Solvent Recovery Equipment Solvent Distillation Recycling Equipment Solvent Recovery|Solvent distillation Machine Bi-Solvent Solvent Recycling Machine FRP Products Industry Solvent Recycling Unit Organic Solvent Recovery System Printing Industry Solvent Recycling Unit Solvent Recovery System in Porto Niamey 

Electronic Factory Solvent Recovery Machine

Electric Appliance Solvent Recycling Machine Industry Solvent Recovery Machine Intelligent Solvent recovery machine Sports Equipment Solvent Recycling Machine Solvent Recycling machine for Plastic product Butyl cellosolve distillation unit 25L Acetone Recovery System Solvent Recovery Machine in Nukualofa Dichloromethane Solvent Recovery Machine Customizable Non-sticky thinner solvent recycling chemical extraction machines Xylene solvent recovering unit in Oslo Paint Distilling Unit in Manchester Paint Distilling Unit in Paris Solvent Recycling Machine in Rome Trichlorethylene Recycling Machine in Athens Small Solvent Recycling Machine in Bratislava Paint Thinners Recycling Machine in Sofia Solvent recovery machine in Canberra Waste Acetone Solvent Recycling Machine Alcohol Recovery Equipment with 90 Ltr 

Cleaning Agent Recovery Machine

Ether Recycling Machine

Large Gasoline Solvent Recovery Machine solvent recovery for spray paint cleaner Solvent Recovery Machine in Chicago Acetate Ethyl Recovery Unit Petroleum ether Solvent Recycling Machine Pharmaceutical Solvent Recovery System Cleaning Solvent Recovery System High Quality Solvent Recovery System Recycle Waste Chemical Solvent Recovery System Intelligent Solvent Recovery Equipment Customized Stainless Steel High Quality Solvent Recovery Butyl alcohol recovery machine in Katmandu Calstar Solvent Recycling System Solvent Recovery Machine in Pharma Industry Chemical solvent recovery machine in Thimbu Hydrocarbon Cleaning Agent Machine in Male Large Capacity Alcohol Recovery Equipment B90Ex Acetone Recycling Machine Methylisobutylketone recovery machine in Teheran Solvent Recovery Plant Jobs 

Isopropyl Alcohol Recycling Machine

Supply calstar diluent distillation machine Isopropyl alcohol recycling machine Solvent recovery machine brands Freon BF Solvent Recovery Machine Acetone Solvent Recovery Unit Waste Solvent Recovery Equipment Isopropyl alcohol recycling unit Solvent Distillation Equipment in Islamabad 25L Isopropyl alcohol recycling unit Waste Isopropyl Alcohol Recovery Unit Intelligent Isopropyl Recovery Machine Ethyl cellosolve Recycling Machine in Austin Trichlorethylene Recycling Machine in Seattle Solvent Recycling Machine in Charlotte Diethelienic glicol recovery machine in Portland Waste Solvent Disposal Machine for mutilple solvents recovery Chlorobenzene Recovery Equipment in Quy Nhon Automatic Thinner Solvent Distillation Equipment Three Toluene Recovery System Waste Methyl Acetate Recovery Machine 

Ethanol Recycling Machine

Acetate Ethyl recovery machine Ethanol recycling machine Methanol recycling machine Propyl bromide recovery machine Ethyl cellosolve Recycling Machine Gasoline Solvent Recovery Machine The thinner solvent recycling machine The cleaning solvent recycling machine Methylene chloride recovery system Ethyl cellosolve Recycling Unit Acetate Ethyl Recovery Machine in New York Acetate Butyl recovery machine price Tetrachlorethane Recovery Machine with 125L B25Ex Vacuum Distillation Unit Water-cooled types of Ethanol recycling machine Methanol distillation recovery machine Intelligent solvent purification machine CALSTAR Ethanol distillation machine Automatic Ethanol Recovery Machine Multi-function Methanol Recycling Machine 

Methanol Recycling Machine

Toluene recycling machine Xylene recycling machine Trimethylbenzene recycling machine Tetramethylbenzene recycling machine Dichlorethane Recycling Machine Dichlorpropane recycling machine Methylene chloride recycling machine Methyl chloride recycling machine Cyclohexane recycling machine Tetrachlorethane Recovery Machine Trichlorethylene Recycling Machine Methylethlketone recycling machine Factory supply Acetone recovery machine equipment Methylisobutylketone recovery machine Cyclohexanone recycling machine Ethyl ether Recycling Machine Butyl cellosolve recycling machine Freon 113 recycling machine Automatic Propylene Oxide Recovery Machine Automatic Hydrocarbon Recycling Machine 

Trichloroethylene Recycling Machine

Acetate Butyl recovery machine Butyl acetate sec Recycling machine Ethoxyethyl acetate Recycling Machine Butyl alcohol recovery machine Diethelienic glicol recovery machine Butyl alcohol sec recycling machine Trichloroethane lll Recycling Machine Chloroform solvent recycling machine Butanone Solvent Recycling Machine​ Distillation Recyclers with Painter Solvent recycler use for reuse the dirty solvent Solvent Recycling Machine in Sana Waste Acetate solvent recy clean Solvent recycling machine companies B25Ex Solvent Recycling Machine Waste solvent disposal machines 225L Solvent Distillation Unit Methyl Acetate Recycling Machine Tetrahydrofuran Recycling Machine Specialist in Solvent Recycling 

Propylene Oxide Recycling Machine

Cleaning Solvent Distillation Equipment Distillation Plant For Solvent Recovery Paint Thinner Solvent Distillation Equipment Stainless steel solvent distillation Equipment Stainless steel solvent Recycling System Used Propylene Oxide Recycling Solvent Machine Solvent Purification Equipment 425Ltr NMP Solvent Recovery Machine Industrial Cleaning Solvent Recycling Unit Solvent Recycling Equipment for Etching Solvent Recycling Machine for Printing Industry Solvent Recycling Unit for Plastic Products High end Solvent Extraction Plant Alcohol Acetone Solvent Recycling Equipment Butyl acetate sec Recycling machine in Azerbaijan Solvent Recycling Equipment in Dakar Organic Solvent Distillation Equipment Solvent Washer Distillation Machine Automatic Solvent reclaimer Machine Paint Spray Guns Solvent Recycling Machine 

Tetrahydrofuran Recycling Machine

Large Distillation Recycler Machine Solvent Recycling (Distillation Apparatus) Distillation Equipment and Solvent Recovery Apparatus Solvent Recycling Machine in Banjul Solvent Recycling Unit in Praia Solvent Recycling Unit in Conakry Solvent Recycling Unit in Freetown Solvent Recovery System in Malabo Xylene solvent recovery unit in Brazzaville Xylene solvent recovery unit in Luanda Paint Distilling Unit in Amsterdam Solvent Recycling Machine in Berne Solvent Recycling Machine in Valletta Solvent Recycling Machine in San Marino Thinner Solvent Recycling Machine in Tirana Acetate Ethyl Recovery Machine in Kishinev Metal machining solvent recovery machine Spray Paint Cleaner Solvent Recovery Machine Air-cooling Acetate Butyl Recovery Machine High-capacity Solvent recovery machine 

Methyl Acetate Recycling Machine

CNC Solvent Recovery Equipment Intelligent solvent recovery equipment price concessions New A10Ex solvent recycling machine Solvent Recycling Equipment in South Africa A125Ex solvent recycling machines Cleaning Agent Solvent Recycling Machines Solvent Recycling Machine in Paramaribo Solvent Distillation system in Baltimore Solvent Recycling Machine in Boston Solvent Recovery Machine in Hong Kong Waste solvent recovery distillation Machine Stainless Steel Solvent Distillation Machine Alcohol Solvent Recycling Equipment A60Ex new designed toluene solvent reclaiming machine Cleaning Fluid Distillation Equipment Purification Machine of Solvents Aerospace Coatings Solvent Recycling Machine Hydrocarbon Recycling Machine Spent Hydrocarbon Recycling Machine 

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